Prototype 1 debut at the Van Abbe Museum, The Netherlands, 2009. integrates wireless brainscanning using the Neurosky MindSet and real-time brain visualization projection.

Brain Fingerprinting Mind Footage circa 2004

Instructions for original Brain Fingerprinting test

Acclair will present its latest service, the Art Valuaton Service, at the 1st “Art, Science and Technology: Interaction betweetn three Cultures” International Conference.

Acclair has been accepted with an abstract titled: “Acclair’s Art Valuation Service: A Critical Exploration of Neuro-metric Technologies and the Human Experience”

The conference will take place at the Ort Braude College in Karmiel, Israel, 1-2 June

Welcome to Acclair Neurocapital Services

At Acclair, our aim is to serve as a standard model and reference center in the newly emerging field of neuro-metrics and neuro-aware environments binary options indicators. We create a platform for research and discussion surrounding opportunities combining the brain with information systems and everyday experience.

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