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An Acclair sponsored research project
Project Naos is an interactive art project that utilizies physiological monitoring and machine learning techniques to explore issues of authority, privacy and security in relation to biometric technologies. It features a software application that continuously measures a participant's physiological responses to a given image and runs a statistical classification algorithm on the measured data that then classifies the participant into one of four predetermined categories: passive, aggressive, loyal and subversive. Building on the success of the Acclair project, of which it is an extension, Project Naos explores possible future scenarios where the cognitive and emotional states of humans are linked with those of networked, intelligent machines in order to monitor, profile and classify one based on their physiologial states and emotional responses. Our first experiment is a "bio-pod" structure which participants enter and have their physiological responses to media measured in order to determine they're social value as well as assess their security status. Project Naos seeks to explore society's and the individual's relationship to biometric tchnologies via the medium of digital images. How private is one's physiological data? How much privacy and personal information are we willing to give away, and under what circumstances? And finally, what happens when the human body and its cognitive and emotional states become part of a sophisticated information system? Project Naos creates a situation where an individual is interfaced with biometric technologies and injected directly into this problem, thus making it a very real and tangible experience.   diagram

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